In Venice there is a saying … when there will be no more Venetians in Venice, only the stones will remain.
We have reflected a lot on these words and we believe they represent exactly the message we wanted to convey through the shootings shot during the days of Acqua Alta.

It was more than 50 years since there was such a high tide and this time it took everyone by surprise, putting the city on its knees. The maximum tide of 187 centimeters was touched on November 12th, it is the highest figure since the same month of 1966 when the tide submerged Venice reaching 194 centimeters.
We found a semi-deserted city and the emotions we felt in the evening in Piazza San Marco when we heard the sirens announcing the arrival of the tide we tried to communicate with this video.

In those days Venice was painted by the media and by tourists in a light that we did not like and because it was far from the image of Venice that we have.
The voice that is heard at the beginning is the City between the sirens and the high water that asks us to listen to it, but it is not a request for help. It is the belief that the future will be better. And to reach this future nobody helps you except yourself by putting your hands in the mud to rebuild.

The video is called Venice risorgi because we felt the need to witness the desire for rebirth showing the world that Venice is a city made up of people who live every day in beauty but at the same time they have to face problems that other cities do not have.
The gold of Venice are the people who give it life every day and who stubbornly get up again despite adversity.

Our post on Facebook has received more than 2000 shares, showing that with this video we have touched an important feeling in people linked to their love for this city and their strong sense of belonging.

Thanks to this video we received the best videostorytelling award special mention at the Digital Media Fest. Here is the list of winners.

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