Nina Tarasova – Pastry is Magic…


In the first episode we met Nina Tarasova, a pastry consultant in St. Petersburg, who during the event in hangar78 prepared her “Moonlight Sonata” and presented a preview of the new “Cacao 120” mold, both made in collaboration with Silikomart Professional.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.

Marco Perez – La cucina di Marco Perez


The menu vision of the Chef Marco Perez takes us on a journey of memories and metaphors, where reality get lost in the imagination, where he manage to achieve and combine tastes and consistency with great artistry. The food storytelling proposed by the Amistà 33 Chef stimulates all the senses and not only the taste.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.

Raul Bernal – I soggetti della Pasqua in Cioccolato


In the third episode we met Raul Bernal, a pastry Chef from Huesca, a chocolate specialist. During the course held in hangar78 he started from simple eggs in chocolate to create a line of subjects dedicated to Easter, realizing colors, modeling and techniques for the realization of details.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.

Johan Martin – Fashion Èclairs


In the fourth episode we meet Johan Martin, one of the well known and successful pastry chef of the moment. During the masterclass “Éclairs e Viennoiseries” held in hangar78, he prepared a complete line of exclusive éclairs, using the “Fashion Éclair80” mould created in collaboration with Silikomart Professional. Finger Framboisier, Finger Tarte chocolat e Finger Monoï: a real explosion of creativity, aesthetics and elegance.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.
Website: Martin

Cécile Farkas Moritel – Entremets e Petits Gateaux


In the fifth episode we met Cécile Farkas Moritel, a Pastry Chef from Lyon, considered by everyone, since her beginning a real “Desserts Fashion Designer”.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.
Website:écile Farkas Moritel

Alessio Bottin – Lo Street Food La Ristorazione del domani


In the sixth episode we met Alessio Bottin young restaurateur, entrepreneur and innovator of the Italian culinary scene. After working for several International Michelin Stars, his work is based on the enhancement of local products of excellence by combining the best technology in the field.

Client: hangar78 – Silikomart S.r.l.
Website: Bottin